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VIENNA / HAAG, MARCH 2021: The Austrian gastronomy expert TQSR Group laid the foundation stone for Austria’s most modern service station ‘Rosehill Foodpark®’ yesterday at the ground-breaking ceremony. At the former Rosenberger site on the A1 motorway in Haag, an innovative multi-brand concept will emerge by autumn of this year, combining five attractive gastronomy brands such as BURGER KING®, Rosenberger® and Coffeeshop Company® under one roof. This marks the Haag site as the first of numerous other Rosehill Foodparks® that are being developed at Rosenberger service stations across Austria.

Rosehill Foodpark® – towards the ‘service station of the future’ through modernity, innovation and variety
The new multi-brand service station ‘Rosehill Foodpark®’ combines the values of modernity, innovation and variety and thereby revolutionises the existing offer on Austria’s motorways. For future of a tradition starts with the Rosehill®.
With a modern, bright and inviting architecture, attractive prices and a WC concept with a feel-good character, Austria’s most modern rest service station is being built on the A1 in Haag. Hartmut Graf, CEO of the TQSR Group on this: ‘With our innovative multi-brand concept, we want to ensure that our guests feel comfortable at all times. To this end, it was necessary to embed our food concept in a modern, contemporary environment and also to offer high-quality food at appealing prices at all times when travelling.’

With its multi-brand concept, which is unique in Austria, the TQSR Group focuses on innovation at all touchpoints. In addition to a high degree of digitalisation, through the use of digital order terminals and information screens with current traffic and weather reports, a specially created business area for business meetings, the Rosehill Kids Club® and a separate dog zone ensure that the needs of all guests are satisfied.
A large number of attractive brands form the basis for culinary diversity at Rosehill Foodpark®. A large range of food is already offered with BURGER KING® burgers grilled on an open flame, Austrian cuisine from the traditional Rosenberger® brand and trendy coffee creations from the Coffeeshop Company®. These options are complemented by Italian classics as well as healthy bowls and salads from two new brands created by the TQSR Group. With this diverse brand and food selection, the Group is responding to the ever-increasing needs of travellers in recent years.

Successful partnerships
Only a few months have separated the acquisition of the Rosenberger® brand by the TQSR Group in April 2019 and the ground-breaking ceremony for the first Rosehill Foodpark® in Haag. Despite the Covid pandemic, the group of companies was able to push ahead with the innovative multi-brand concept and the development of the associated own brands together with competent partner companies. Hartmut Graf, CEO of the TQSR Group: ‘We really have to thank the ASFINAG and the city of Haag who accompanied the project and extensively supported us with the preparation of the first site. Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich is a competent and reliable financing partner at our side not only for this project, but also in the longer term for the modernisation of other locations.’
The new concept has also been well received by ASFINAG. According to Christian Ebner, Managing Director of ASFINAG Service GmbH: ‘With the multitude of well-known brands and the modernity and innovation associated with the concept, the Rosehill Foodpark® project is unique to Austria and Europe. We were convinced by the idea from the very start and are thrilled by the fact that Austria’s motorways will further gain in appeal in the future.’

The start of our expansion across Austria
In addition to the opening in Haag planned for autumn, the TQSR Group is already working in parallel on the implementation of further Rosehill Foodparks®. According to the current developments, the service areas in St. Pölten, Eisentratten and Hohenems are on track to also be gradually converted to the innovative multi-brand concept next year.
The gastronomy expert’s goal is to transform all existing Rosenberger site into Rosehill Foodparks® in the next two to three years and thereby successively expand its pioneering role in terms of culinary diversity, modernity and innovation on Austria’s motorways.

Vienna, 27.06.2019. The Austrian BURGER KING® master franchisee and new owner of Rosenberger Restaurant GmbH TQSR Holding und Development GmbH (in short: TQSR Group) introduces the ‘Rosenburger 2.0’ as a burger variant with a vegan meat substitute after the successful Rosenberger takeover and presents the first details of the new service station multi-brand concept. Under the new umbrella brand ‘Rosehill Foodpark’, food parks will be created in the future at existing Rosenberg sites which are meant to shine with a range of attractive brands and products. In the first quarter of next year, the new concept will be implemented for the first time. All Rosenberg service stations are to be converted to the multi-brand concept by the end of 2022.

The TQSR Group is extremely satisfied with the acquisition of Rosenberger. ‘Large parts of the integration have already been completed, all locations are in full operation, sales are developing as planned and we have also considerably increased our staff again,’ reports Hartmut Graf, CEO of the TQSR Group.

‘When the takeover was announced in late February, we were jokingly asked about the “Rosenburger” repeatedly due to the combination of Rosenberger and BURGER KING®. Yet only a few people knew that the Rosenburger had, in fact, been around at Rosenberger for a long time,’ says Graf. Starting in August, all Rosenberger service stations will offer the Rosenburger 2.0 with a vegan meat substitute, which was presented to the public for the first time today and tasted by member of the press. Rosenberger is thus reacting to the global trend of meat substitutes and will also reach a target group in the future that is more concerned about animal welfare and environmental protection. ‘There is a huge demand for vegan products. Every day we receive enquiries and are pleased to finally be able to meet our customers’ needs with the Rosenburger 2.0. We are also expanding our vegetarian range at BURGER KING® and are close to completing the preparations,’ says Graf.

The Rosenberger brand will continue as before in the new multi-brand concept. ‘Of course, we will continue the Rosenberger brand as an independent brand. According to Statista, Rosenberger is the best-known Austrian gastronomy brand. Hence it will play an important role in the new multi-brand concept. With BURGER KING® and Rosenberger alone, we are represented at the new locations with two of the four best-known gastronomy brands,’ says Graf. However, the Rosenberger gastro concept is being reorientated. In the future, the company will return to the brand’s origins as well as the strengths associated with it. ‘Soon the focus will be back on traditional Austrian cuisine at Rosenberger,’ explains Graf.

‘Rosehill Foodpark’ – the umbrella brand
The name of the newly created umbrella brand ‘Rosehill Foodpark’ combines the building blocks ‘tradition’, ‘internationality’ and ‘variety’ and thus the core values of the new multi-brand concept. ‘The similarity of the name and the graphic similarity to the traditional Rosenberger brand help preserve the recognisability. But the goal is also to appeal to the numerous international guests and at the same time – with the addition of “Foodpark” – to communicate the basic idea of the brand and product variety,’ says Graf. The new ‘Rosehill Foodpark’ logo will be used at every Rosenberg location that is converted to the multi-brand concept.

Brand variety
The new multi-brand concept is based on the realisation that the current service area offers in Austria are no longer with the times and therefore no longer meet the increasing demands of guests. ‘With the help of extensive studies, we got to the bottom of the needs of service area visitors,’ says Graf. Consequently, the company intends to also offer four other gastronomy concepts in the future – in addition to the Rosenberger and BURGER KING® brands. These are expected to include an Italian, a fish restaurant, a mainly vegetarian & vegan concept and a brand that focuses on coffees and pastries. ‘We are in late-stage negotiations with several brands for our Rosehill Foodpark. With the new variety of brands, there will certainly be something for every taste in the future,’ says Graf.

A place with a feel-good atmosphere
The planning of the new multi-brand concept is progressing with great strides. Various architecture firms are currently working intensively on the physical design of the new Rosehill Foodpark. The TQSR Group aims to offer its customers a feel-good atmosphere. The first implementation of the new concept is currently in preparation for four different Rosenberg service stations. ‘The construction plans will be submitted before the end of this year. Depending on when all the necessary permits and contractual agreements are in place, we will decide which of the motorway locations will be home to the first new “Rosehill Foodpark”,’ Graf said. The pilot site is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2020. All other Rosenberg motorway sites are to be transformed into the new ‘Rosehill Foodparks’ by late 2022.

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